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Imperial Launches New Packaging for myblu Pod-Mod Vape System
Imperial has recently unveiled exciting news for vape enthusiasts with the launch of new packaging for its renowned pod-mod vape system, myblu. This packaging upgrade includes innovative features and design enhancements aimed at providing consumers with an enhanced unboxing experience, improved pod protection, nicotine preservation, and portability. Additionally, the packaging redesign ensures a consistent look across the myblu range and simplifies navigation between the myblu Intense and Regular options for both retailers and shoppers. With these improvements, Imperial aims to maintain myblu's position as the preferred pod-mod device among consumers seeking a high-quality, user-friendly vaping solution.

A Closer Look at the New Packaging
1. Intuitive Unboxing Experience
The new blister pod packs included in the myblu packaging upgrade introduce a perforated edge, elevating the unboxing experience for consumers. By incorporating this intuitive design element, Imperial aims to create a seamless and enjoyable process for users as they open their myblu vape systems. The perforated edge not only adds a touch of convenience but also enhances the overall satisfaction of exploring the product for the first time.

2. Enhanced Pod Protection, Nicotine Preservation, and Portability
Recognizing the importance of pod protection, Imperial has taken steps to improve the packaging's ability to safeguard the myblu pods. The blister pod packs now provide enhanced protection during transit and storage, ensuring that the pods remain intact and in optimal condition. This enhancement contributes to an elevated user experience by delivering the satisfaction of receiving a pristine product.

Moreover, the new packaging design focuses on preserving the nicotine content of the myblu pods. By providing a secure and airtight environment, the packaging minimizes nicotine degradation, allowing users to enjoy the full flavor and satisfying experience myblu offers. Additionally, the revamped packaging's improved portability ensures that users can conveniently carry their myblu devices and pods wherever they go, further enhancing the product's appeal.

3. Updated Design for Consistency and Navigation
To create a cohesive and recognizable identity for the myblu range, Imperial has introduced an updated vignette on the logo triangle, ensuring consistency across the entire product line. This design element not only enhances brand recognition but also provides a visually pleasing experience for consumers. The improved vignette captures attention and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the myblu packaging.

Furthermore, the packaging redesign simplifies navigation between the myblu Intense and Regular ranges for both retailers and shoppers. With improved readability of flavor and strength messaging, users can effortlessly identify their preferred options. Additionally, the inclusion of more aesthetic pod visuals on the packaging adds an element of delight and helps users make informed choices based on their preferences.

The myblu Intense Starter Kit
The myblu Intense starter kit is an all-inclusive package designed to offer users everything they need to begin their vaping journey. Priced at £19.99, the myblu Intense starter kit includes a device, liquid, and charger, providing a convenient and cost-effective option for those new to vaping or seeking a hassle-free upgrade to their existing setup. With its user-friendly design and comprehensive package contents, the myblu Intense starter kit is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a top-quality, easy-to-use vaping solution.

Imperial's announcement of the new packaging for the myblu pod-mod vape system showcases their commitment to providing an exceptional vaping experience for consumers. The upgrades not only offer an intuitive unboxing experience, enhanced pod protection, nicotine preservation, and portability but also ensure a consistent and visually appealing design across the myblu range. By catering to the evolving needsof vape enthusiasts, Imperial continues to solidify myblu's position as the preferred pod-mod device. With the convenience and reliability offered by the new blister pod packs, as well as the improved navigation and aesthetic enhancements of the packaging design, myblu remains a top choice for consumers seeking a high-quality and user-friendly vaping solution.


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